Sunday, July 31, 2005

Getting Micro-Chipped

How long will it be before we are all asked to be chipped? Sharon Hughes, at Veritas, has written about chips being put in the arms of school students at Madras High School in Oregon. They will be able to buy their lunches with only a swipe of the arm!

But, that's not all - who else has gotten this chip? You'll be surprised at the high profile people Applied Digital Solution is getting to take the chip, in order to guarantee the public (us) that everything is okay! Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson is one of them!

Is it okay? I don't think so. It's one step closer to what the Bible speaks of - taking the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell. I believe that
Revelation 13 speaks to this issue very plainly.


Matt Jones said...

Very little Revelation speaks "plainly". I am not saying that getting microchips is necessarily a good thing (nor am I saying is necessarily a bad thing). Revelation is filled with Apocalyptic language, metaphor, and imagery. To suggest that any one piece must be "plainly" literal is not necessarily the best (exegetically speaking) way to go.


(also, might want to correct it to "Revelation 13")

Barbara said...

Thanks, Matt, for the correction - slip of the finger!

Microchips, as used today, might not be a bad thing, in some instances.But, as you can see, with other things in the world, one thing leads to another, leaving the impression that the next 'update' will be okay, too. The devil has a way of slipping into our neat little space and causing us to do things we might not otherwise do. I believe the Christians will be gone before the mark of the beast comes, but I'd like to know that those left behind would know not to take the mark - and it could come in the form of a microchip in the hand or forehead. After all, who ever thought that life would come to this by 2005?

Matt Jones said...

This area is definitely one that Christians have been arguing about for ages. I am personally one to think that the "rapture" will make all the Christians dissapear. The "Rapture" is only mentioned in a few places. One being 1 Thess. Rapture just means a gathering in the sky. This doesn't actually mean that we are just going to dissapear and go up to heaven. This is mentioned in the context of Christ returning. It is not written to suggest that we will just go off to heaven. Christ is coming DOWN to earth, we just meet him on His way down. Earth is going to be reclaimed and Christ will reign on earth in the New Jerusalem. I think I would rather be there with him than off in some floaty clouds.

I definitley agree that there is a slippery sloap when it comes to what is "ok". If we budge on one thing, why not the next thing, or the next thing...? So in that sense, something like microchips implanted might definitely be something we should protest against. Although, it might be nice to go the the grocery store and just swipe the wrist to pay... ;)