Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rain! When Will It End?

Hurricane Dennis has really left his mark! It has become a tropical depression now, but it's still around. It's hanging over a portion of the southeast, and, in Alabama, we are still feeling the effects. It has rained almost every day, sometimes all day and all night. Just when you being to see the sun shining, and think it might turn out to be a complete day without rain, it starts once again. Happened today, right out of the blue sky with sunshine! And, it's still pouring outside. There have been lots of thunder and lightning and threats of tornadoes in the area.

I remember an old saying that goes like this:

Rain, rain, go away; come again some other day!

I think that is so appropriate right now for those of us with saturated yards. The grass is beautiful green, but the rain also means it has to be cut more often.

Seems Emily is well on the heels of Dennis. You can track the hurricanes at the National Hurricane Center.