Saturday, July 16, 2005

Time Changes Our Thoughts

I just read an article at Blogcorner Preacher. His post really got me to thinking how my mind has changed about certain things over the years - how more aware I am of things than I used to be. He had mentioned seeing a certain movie 13 years before, and then seeing it again, and realizing things about it he hadn't the first time in viewing.

As we grow in the Lord, and mature more in Him, we see things differently. I am more in tune with the differences in what the world thinks, and what I know by studying God's Word. Too often, we've taken things we've heard through the media (television, radio, newspapers) to be true, without even giving it a second thought. And, then, later in life, we get a second time to reflect on what it meant, and we realize, as Blogcorner Preacher did, that what was projected wasn't absolutely what we thought they were projecting!