Monday, July 04, 2005

Genealogical Tidbits And Treasures

I ran across a great site today for genealogists, whether you are a newbie, searching for your families 'roots', or a full-pledged, professional genealogist. We are always looking for ways to find those things that seem to be lost in our searches.

Genealogical Tidbits and Treasures says:

Back in the 1800's, before Brooklyn became part of NYC, it was considered part of Long Island. Since so many of our ancestors made their way through Brooklyn, our goal is to seek out and uncover records (books, maps, directories, newspapers, microfilm) that are in libraries or archives on Long Island but have great value for those researching Brooklyn. We are also interested in seeking out some of the lesser known Long Island records that are housed right here on Long Island.

There are many of us who have no clue as to what ship our people came over to America on. Some do not even know from what country the relatives came. This site may hold information for some that have come to a standstill in their search.

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Clair Calkins said...

There are a few books on the subject, some very