Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Politics, Religion, and Ann Coulter

I’m not a politician, and don’t have much to do with politics. But, I do have an occasional opinion. And, today, I have one.

Religion and politics go together like tomatoes and cake. I love both, but prefer to have them ‘separate’. The same way with religion and politics: I would not want to talk about both in the same conversation. Too many politicans have ‘religion’, but religion isn’t into politics. In other words, a particular religion is not going to make an honest politician, if he doesn’t want to be an honest politician.

As for Ann Coulter, I love her, most of the time. She’s smart, witty, full of knowledge, fast to speak, and it doesn’t bother her that others come after her for her take on a particular thing or person. But, this time, Ann, you should have waited.

Today, I heard on the radio, and also read on the Internet, that Ann said that John Roberts was ‘Souter in Roberts' Clothing
’. That seems to be putting her ‘out on a limb’, since this man hasn’t spoken out too much on his beliefs, especially what he might or might not do in any given case? One call in on the local radio talk show said plainly, “Shut up!”

Why can’t we just let the process take it’s course over the next few months? Why not let Congress fight it out over John Roberts, and let us keep our heads? We know he’s going to be confirmed, most likely, due to Republicans having the majority. And, believe it or not, some Democrats actually like the guy! And, then, we can watch and wait for his work on the Supreme Court – quick enough to judge the man.


kmg said...

Hey... another great post!

I agree with keeping it all separate... and I agree that Ann Coulter is one of our greatest weapons.

I do see where she is coming from on the Roberts issue... we have been burned before, and she is not the type to take that sort of thing standing still. Especially when, as she says, there is no need to take the chance! Just put in a known Conservative and we won't have a problem.

Anyway... thanks again!

Barbara said...

Oh, I understand where she's coming from, too, but I hate for her to get lambasted by all those people who can't stand her.

But, then, she's a strong girl; she can handle them!