Monday, July 18, 2005

Listen To Your Conscience

Reading Another Step With Jesus this morning got me to thinking about our conscience.

The conscience makes us aware of moral or ethnical mistakes we have made along the way. Hopefully, it 'rings the bell' when the mishap occurs. But, often, the conscience is put on the back burner, just as
Donnie had done. But, when the Lord awakens us to something we need to make right, we need to do it then, not wait. For, we, as humans, have a way of just 'waiting' until the right moment, and that moment may never come - maybe because we are afraid of meeting the problem head on, or just don't think it's essential to our well being. But, when God brings it to the remembrance, it is very important! So, if you have things on your conscience that God keeps bringing up to you, try making them right. You'll never be sorry!

1 Comment:

Donnie said...

God's grace is wonderful. It turned out better than I thought. Obedience is better than sacrifice!

Thank you for this wonderful response and your comment. God Bless!