Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Can You Remember?

If I asked you where you were, or what you were doing the day President Kennedy was assassinated, no doubt most people could tell me. That happened to be my future husband's birthday - his 22nd birthday, to be exact!

Can you remember where you were 41 years ago today - July 6, 1964? No doubt, most people could not, unless the day was a very significant one. Well, for my husband and I, it was.

Today marks our forty-
first anniversary. We began our married life in the halls of the Court House, married by a Judge,in his court room. He gave us a talk we will never forget, before marrying us that day. We've weathered the years very well, having two children and five wonderful grandchildren. I thank the Lord each day for a wonderful husband, and a wonderful family - all healthy! He has blessed us tremendously over the years.