Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Search Still On For Natalee Holloway

Aruban firefighters are draining a lake in search for Natalee. To me, they should have done this at the onset of the investigation. It will take about 24 hours to drain the lake, which is across from the Marriott Hotel where the jailed Dutch youth said he was with Natalee the night of her disappearance.


Donnie said...

Perhaps the media frenzy surronding this placed an undue burden to meet expectations or to simply look good in the public eye to avoid what can't be avioded in the end--to which they are now draining it, and to which, you are correct in observing.

Barbara said...

It was on Fox tonight that the Dutch boy gave in his statement that he didn't kill her,but he knew who did. He also said he knew where she was buried. It upsets me that Aruban officials didn't let the Holloway family know more about what was going on. Took the FBI getting involved for this information to come out.Perhaps this is also the reason they decided to drain the pond now.