Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Will It Be A PC or a MAC?

I came across an article on the Apple G5. Although they started out with great expectations of this machine, it quickly turned sour.

My family has always been avid users of the PC. Oh, I have to say that I often get upset with Microsoft, but haven't gotten upset enough to delve into the possible ownership of a Mac. My son recently bought a new Mac, his first, and he is very impressed with it. His statement to me was, 'Buy a Mac; never look back'. Now, I don't think he has completely quit using his PC, nor has his wife, but he certainly enjoys the Mac.


Donnie said...

I will say this about Mac's (I have one at school) they are wonderful except one thing... you can't right click. That is a tough thing when blogging and cropping photos and stuff. Other than that lack of a feature, Mac's are wonderful. I like the programs on them, my blogsite looks great on FireFox on the new Mac's screen. You have itunes. The movie making and photo programs are swell! You can take grab shots of the desktop (which you can see one I posted). I like them. I think if I ever get a laptop, it will be a Mac.

Barbara said...

My friend from Springfield, MO, says there is nothing better than a Mac. She does her website from one. She has two sons, one with a Mac and one chose a PC - a 'divided family'.

I think the 'no right click' would drive me crazy. Would be hard to get used to that. The one good thing I've heard is you don't have to worry about any virus getting to your machine. Now, that might be worth buying a Mac.

Reid Bradley said...

I am lookin to buy a G4 Powerbook... a used one.. know of anyone????

Kerry said...

Re: right-click on the Mac...

Actually, a right-click on the Mac is done by holding the Control key and then clicking the mouse. This would be the same as having a two button mouse and clicking the right mouse buttton.

Another thing to know about the Mac is that is has support built in for all two button scroll mice. So, you can go out and purchase any two button mouse with or without a scroll wheel and as long as it works with USB, then it will work on the Mac.

I was using a Logitech TrackMan Wheel on my desktop computer at home. This is a two button trackball with scroll wheel. I plugged it into my Mac keyboard, it was recognized immediately with no driver install and I have been using it ever since.