Saturday, July 02, 2005

Look Out For LOGO

Most people know that Logo stands for a name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy recognition. That sounds innocent enough, doesn't it.

LOGO isn't that innocent. It is a new MTV network launched on June 30, going into many homes in major metropolitan areas.

It is designed to appeal to a "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender audience."

This is very disturbing news, considering it will appear on cable without having to pay a premium as you do with such programming as Showtime or HBO. Many cable programs will include this channel, and children will likely be viewing it, as they flip channels to find their favorite programs. Parents are being urged to call their local cable company and ask that it not be included in the regular program packages.

Some Sponsors of LOGO are Motorola, Tylenol PM, Orbitz, Subaru, and Showtime Networks.


Kerry said...

There is enough junk on television as it is now. It is sad that we have to deal with stuff like this all in the name of money. Someone had an idea. Someone else said we can make money. They set it up. Before I was saved on February 20, 2005, I watched television all the time. Since that morning, I have rarely watched television. There are many more important things in life than television. Now if I could just get this through to my son... you know who. :)

Barbara said...

Thank goodness there are no children in my house to want to watch MTV. It would certainly be blocked here! There is certainly enough 'trash' around without more coming on TV.