Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Changing World- Changing Lives

We live in a world today unlike the world of only a few years ago. When my children were growing up, computers were getting very popular, not that most people had them in their homes. Now, you hardly see a home, especially those with young people, that does not have at least one computer in it.

The young people have learned to use the Texas Instruments, Nintendo, Playstations, XBox, Game Cube, and more! They can't get enough of the action games! And, now, here comes the cell phones and all the music technology, including the Apple iPod. It has become very popular among the youngsters.

This week, a 15 year old boy, Christopher Rose was killed by a teenager over an iPod. The boys stole tennis shoes and a cell phone, along with the iPod. This was a meaningless killing! Some teens thinks it's okay to take the property of others. To some of them, it's just a way of life. But, this time, they went to far. This episode of violence has ruined the lives of those boys, and changed the lives of this boy's family.

This has made a change in the father's life. Errol Rose has been speaking out and wanting to help other teenagers like these who attacked his son. He also got a phone call from Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computer. He called to convey to the father his sympathies in the death of Christopher.

Our world is rapidly changing, bringing about lots of technology, but the needs of all the children aren't being met. As Rose said, 'we need to work on the minds and hearts'.