Monday, July 11, 2005

Soccer: The Rising Sport

Over at palmsolo:Geeking For Jesus, I found an article he wrote about his young daughter playing soccer. Of course, being a grandmother with four soccer players in her daughter's family, this caught my eye!

Soccer seems to be really catching on in America! When my children were in school, I had never heard of it. Volleyball and Gymnastics were the thing then. But, having gone to my first soccer game when my oldest grandchild was about 7 and his sister a little younger (they began on the same team), I fell in love with it! We hardly miss a game, and that takes lots of running around, especially when you have 2 or 3 in a tournament the same weekend, playing all over town. If Mom can't make one, she knows Papa and Nanny will.

Our only granddaughter will be a sophomore in high school this next year, and playing her third year for the Girls' Varsity Soccer team. She was chosen number one player for her team by the team and also was the number one scorer this year. She is also playing for a traveling Premier team. Hopefully, this will lead to a scholarship for college. She really puts her heart into her playing!

Also, her two younger brothers, ages 9 and 11, still play for City League, where she and her older brother started out years ago. Her older brother has been out of soccer a number of years, due to playing football and basketball. But, Mom says this year, he will be playing Varsity soccer, or perhaps parking his truck. I hope Mom wins out, because this is where he got his 'kicking foot' for football.So, it has to be a good sport!