Saturday, June 25, 2005

Where is Natalee Holloway?

When our children go on supervised trips, we expect them to come back. We don't expect to get a phone call, saying they can't be found - they didn't show up for the return trip. But, this is what happened for parents of Natalee Holloway, from Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Natalee started out on what was to be a Senior Class trip for many of the Mountain Brook High School 2005 graduating class. It was to be a care-free, enjoyable trip for these seniors. But, for Natalee, the trip may have been enjoyable, until the night before she was to join the others for their trip home to the states. Aruba had become a place these seniors would never forget. Natalee didn't show up for the plane trip home.

Searchers have been all over the island. The government had detained many people, including the three boys that were said to have been the last to see her that fateful night. But, so far, nothing has been shown that they are any closer to finding Natalee or have any clues to what might have happened, than the first day they started. The boys have changed their stories, but nobody wants to take the blame for whatever might have taken place at the end.

We are all praying for Natalee's safe return, and for the family, whom I know miss this young woman tremendously. I'm the mother of a daughter and I can't fathom the hurt it has caused this family, to not have a clue as to where their daughter is.

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