Monday, June 27, 2005

A Man's Home Is His Castle

Up until last week, that seemed to be the thought in everyone's mind. But, perhaps it is no longer true. According to Jeff Jacoby, a man's castle was taken away from him and Jeff called it "Eminent Injustice in New London". The man was an immigrant from Italy, and had worked for the city for 27 years, but he was never contacted about moving; the city intended forcing them off their property! The homeowner's lawsuit was going to trial in 2001. It was so hard on his wife, she had to be put in the hospital, and died in 2003.

Does 5 Supreme Court Justices saying it's constitutional make it so? I think it's an injustice to citizens who have tried to make a living in this country, living out their dream of owning a home, and then being forced out by developers who love money more than the citizens' well being.

Today, it might be a homeowner losing to a firm for a hotel or office complex and condos. Tomorrow, it might be the farm out near you and I, and in will go a factory. Never say never! There are still 5 Justices that might make it happen. They've already decided you and I can do without our castle; revenue is more important.