Monday, June 27, 2005

Church Jumping

I just came upon a site called He Lives. David had posted a piece on "What's In It For Me?". He was discussing how people switch churches for all the wrong reasons: they aren't getting something out of their current church, i.e., being fed. But, often it's found those same complainers don't go to Sunday School where they study the Word.

Often these people will go to another church which lavishes them with attention they haven't been getting in their present church, so they feel it's a better church. And, with my experience with these people, they will soon find that church is just like the one they left behind, and the people act the same.

I don't believe in church jumping. If the pastor preaches the unadulterated Word of God - stay. But, go there to be a blessing, and in doing so, you'll get a blessing in return!

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Kerry said...

Unfortunately, I see this far too often being the son-in-law of a pastor. if people do not like the way the pastor preaches, the way the music sounds, or if there not enough kids in the church, the pack up their Bibles and move elsewhere. It is almost as if people go to church for a social gathering. They want to see and be seen.

Church is not about me, you, the pastor, the music or anyone else sitting in the pews. It is about God, who gave his Son to die for us on the cross. It is about listening to His Word and putting it into proper perspective in our lives. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who go and listen, but they never make use of what the hear.

Most people sitting in the pews today feel it is the pastor or minster of music's job to make the church grow. Wrong! It is every born again Christian's calling to help spread the Word of God to the lost. The simple matter of it all is that none of us, and I do mean none of us, do this enough.

Jesus came to this earth, taugh the Word, carried his own cross and died on it for us. Think of all the pain and suffering that he went through. If he can do that for us, why can't we just go up and talk to someone about Him? What are we afraid of?