Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fresh Bread

There is nothing like fresh bread - homemade yeast rolls! My Daddy's mother was the best at making fresh yeast bread! She would make it every week and give all her children, that lived near, a pan of white rolls or loaf of bread and usually a loaf of raisin bread. I can almost smell it now, and she's been gone 38 years.

I receive FreshBread most every day, but it's from the bread of life - the Word. Dr. Jim DeBruhl writes a great devotion, usually short and to the point, and well grounded in the Word. Yesterday, the devotional was 'The Last Becomes The First', all about Paul being the last apostle to see the risen Christ. Although he was the last to come in of the apostles, he didn't spend the rest of his life belly aching, like some do, but entered into the new life with 'tremendous zeal.'