Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scrushy, Siegelman found guilty on federal conspiracy , bribery charges

A guilty verdict was reached today in Montgomery, Alabama, in the federal cases against both former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman and former HealthSouth Corp. CEO, Richard Scrushy.

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman has been found guilty on 10 of 34 counts in a federal corruption trial, including bribery, conspiracy and eight counts of mail fraud. Siegelman's conspiracy conviction did not include a guilty verdict under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations, or RICO, statute.

Former HealthSouth Corp. CEO Richard Scrushy, accused of buying his way onto the state's Certificate of Need review board, was convicted on all six charges he faced, including bribery, conspiracy and four counts of mail fraud.

The verdict was handed down today, after 11 days of deliberation, and 32 days of testimony.

Andy Bremmer, spokesman for HealthSouth Corp, had only a short comment to make. He said that HealthSouth Corp new management had worked the past 3 years to put the past behind them. He said Scrushy was part of the past and today's verdict had no impact on the future of the company. Scrushy has been acquitted in Birmingham 1 year ago on 36 criminal charges from a 6-year corporate fraud at HealthSouth.

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