Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Explosive Facts

Thomas Sowell has a great recommendation for students to read during their summer vacations. It is a book called "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies" by Gregory Jackson. It gives hard facts about things on which the politicians and the media put their spin.

The book goes literally from A to Z, with 26 chapters covering subjects from abortion to zealots who are terrorists.

There are both statistical and historical facts in the book. Among the historical facts is the truth that there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution about 'separation of church and state'.

Over the years, liberal judges have twisted the First Amendment's phrase about "free exercise of religion" to mean the opposite — that you are not free to exercise your religion if atheists or members of non-Christian religions say that they are offended.

Another fact debunked is that of President Bush's intelligence up against that of Kerry or Gore. Seems President Bush and Kerry both went to Yale, but President Bush had a higher grade point average than Kerry. President Bush also had higher scores on the same intelligence tests taken in the military by both he and Kerry. Also, Gore went to Harvard, where he was in the bottom 5th of his class two years in a row. But, you'd never know this the way he is preceived by the liberal media.

Visit Conservative Comebacks and read the liberal lie of the day.

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