Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who is right and Who is wrong?

In a world with diversity, you are going to find someone standing up for things you do not believe in. There will be challenges that seem to undermine your Bible beliefs. This is not a perfect world, and, while we live here, we are going to have to show agape love in a world filled with hate.

Christianity Today Magazine has an article entitled "Stand Up, Stand Up for Wicca".
And, to those of us who profess Christianity, this sounds like a wrong trying to be shown as a right. But, here's the kicker:

According to federal guidelines, only approved religious symbols—of which there are 30—can be placed on government headstones or memorial plaques. Included among the 30 approved symbols are those that represent such mainstream religions as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. The list also includes more obscure religions like Konko-Kyo Faith and Seicho-No-Ie. And while the list does not include a symbol for the Wiccan faith, incredibly enough, it does include symbols for atheism and humanism.

This all stems from a widow of a Sgt. trying to get the Wiccan symbol placed on his placque. He identifed himself as a Wiccan. I am in no way advocating recognizing Wiccan as a religion. But, it's wrong to discriminate against one, and remember all the others. Besides, a symbol only shows that a person holds to certain beliefs.

I was talking to someone last night about 'religion'. I made the comment that religion can be 'anything' and anyone can claim religion. But, it's salvation which gains you entrance into eternity with God.

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
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David said...

Well said, Barbara.

Tim Ottinger said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Salvation is the great good, and fellowship with God is only available through One Name.

Tks for your commentary.

It does truly bother me that the government has the practice of approving religious symbols. I could imagine that being a kind of infringement of our 1st amendment protections that government can choose which religious symbols are allowed and which are not. I'm glad it's in our favor at the moment, but become quite nervous. It didn't have to work for us.

Barbara said...

Tim, I would like for them to stay out of religion altogether.They are making too many laws, and probably backing us into a corner (Christians, that is). Reminds me of the welfare program that was supposed to be temporary, became permanent, and now you have people thinking it's a way of life. Another one of governments' mistakes!

The government is made up of a diversity of 'religions' - ALL of them. And, so, they are going to do what they want - everyone has to be included. One of these days, there will be a Wiccan in government, if there isn't already, somewhere.

Debbie said...

This hissy fit started last year I think. But what to do? Include everybody in the same cemetery, or have separate cemeteries?

Muslims in one southern community wanted to buy some land and have their own cemetery, because they didn't want to be buried withthe 'infidels' like Christians and Jews.

The folks in the neighborhood rebelled, because they didn't want a Muslim cemetery (and thus a Muslim community) there.

Separate Muslim communities (with separate schools and separate sharia laws is something we DO NOT want to get started in this country).

I'm not giving an answer, I'm just saying it poses a conundrum for folks.

I'm Christian and have no problem whth whomever being buried in the same cemetery, because I won't be there. When I croak I'm leaving this body to be with the Lord, so it makes no difference.

Plus I plan to be cremated. I don't want family worshiping at the feet of an empty shell.

Just my opinion. Good post.

Barbara said...

What are they worrying about, IF they believe in the same GOD we do? It's just the shell. As you said, when a Christian dies, he's going to be with the Lord! And, we aren't going to know where we are buried, anyway.

Anonymous said...

"I am in no way advocating recognizing Wiccan as a religion."

You don't need to - it already has been.
I advocate recognition of all religions, recognition is not endorsement - it is and admission of reality.
Do you or I consider it a valid relgious concept ie "the true path"?
Do they ours?
Of course not, or they would not be Wiccan.

Barbara said...

What I mean was, "I" don't advocate recognizing it - anyone else can do whatever. :) And, I don't think of it AS a religion, reality or not. That's what I was trying to say. Besides, salvation is not a religion; it's a relationship with God.