Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Christian leaders slam gay parade in Jerusalem

Heads of three prominent Jerusalem-based Christian organizations came against the decision to hold the gay parade in Jerusalem. They say it is only being held to provoke those that believe in biblical principles.

"It is clear that Jerusalem has been deliberately targeted not because it has any particular significance to the gay and lesbian community, but because of the supreme importance this city holds for those of biblical faith.

World Pride Organizers say it will go on as scheduled this summer. It is to be a week-long festival. It was scheduled to happen last summer, but the pull out in the Gaza strip caused it to be put off. Also, they have had much opposition from conservative Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious leaders in Jerusalem and around the world.

"The World Pride event will take place in Jerusalem because we believe Jerusalem should be a center of tolerance, pluralism and humanity. Unfortunately, there are those who prefer Jerusalem to be fanatical, dark, pursuing strife and hatred," said Noa Sattath, chairperson of Jerusalem's Gay and Lesbian Center which is hosting the event.
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