Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Life of Teenagers "Ain't No Joke"

Book Review
Author: Keith G. Wright
Publisher - ANJ Books, Miami Shores, FL
ISBN 0-8778342-0-4

Keith was born in the South, and brought up by a single Mom, who taught him to dream big dreams and aspire to be the best he could be.

No Joke Teen Truth #501: Remarkable teenagers, first and foremost, build a trusting relationship with their parents. They trust their parent’s intentions and influence in their lives, recognizing that the biggest push to their ultimate success will come from their parents.” – page 102

A teenagers’ life is hard. But, with good role models, their life can be one of success, as they come from teenage hood to adulthood. Parents play the biggest part in a teenager’s life. And, they will view the world through the eyes of their parents.

Wright has written this book in order to help teenagers become all they can be, regardless of the situation from which they may come. He went from the role of the people in the home who have a big influence on a teenager, to the peers with whom a teenager hangs out, to the Internet's influence, and on to shaking up the world by preparing oneself through education to be the best person they can become.

Wright tries to show teenagers, through the valuable ‘Teen Truths’, that they need to make every minute count of their childhood, because they never will get a second chance at it. He challenges teenagers to be a better person every day. - guard your life, learn from every day experiences, avoid the pitfalls along the way, and go out and conquer the world. The world will, one day, belong to the youth of today. We need strong leaders, and teenagers can make that difference in the world tomorrow. Wright has done a remarkable job in this respect, with all the Truths he has presented in his book.

The Life of Teenagers "Ain't No Joke", author Keith G.Wright, was published by ANJ Books, Miami Shores, Florida.

I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars, because Keith Wright has successfully given teenagers many challenges to insure they have a ‘courageous childhood in an unforgiving world’.

My name is Barbara Sanders, homemaker, mother of two, and grandmother of five, from Alabama, book reviewer for Active Christian Media.

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