Friday, February 27, 2009

The Truth Be Told

In a world where we have so many hardships, the last thing we need is someone telling us just how bad we are. We need someone lifting us up, letting us know that things can be made better. Change can be a good thing, but only if the truth is told and we learn how to rectify the mistakes that have been made over the years. We can't blame everything that has happened on one person, nor can we depend on one person to get us out of the mess we are in. But one person in charge can surely do enough damage to a person's psyche to make one go into depression! Is this the agenda of the Obama administration?

Oliver North tells us that if 'the truth be told', Obama is the most charismatic and articulate speaker alive in America today. Articulate he is, but not with the truth. In his speech to the joint Congress other night, he was not truthful in most of his words. Oliver North has given us facts (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) on many things that President Obama misrepresented. People who aren't listening with their mind and only with their hearts would not have caught the wrongs he has given them in this carefully planned speech. North says the speech writer, "27-year-old Jon Favreau, his eloquent speechwriter, just doesn't know the facts or recognize "where have I heard those words before?" Apparently he's too young to know the difference in the truth or a stretch of the imagination. If it looks good on paper then perhaps it's the truth. Apparently even Obama didn't know the truth, either, or perhaps he's trying to trick the mind of the Americans.

"So I ask this Congress to join me in doing whatever proves necessary." Those unfamiliar with history may not recall that this was exactly what Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler asked their legislatures to do in creating National Socialism. In the midst of rising unemployment and economic crisis, both men asked for and got legislation to do what was "necessary" and promised new private-sector jobs would be generated by government-funded programs, new tax laws and novel "lending rules." It worked. Private companies did hire workers to build rail systems and highways. They also invigorated auto industries and, in Germany, the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world. The rest is history we all know.

Are we, as Americans to blind to see where this government is going to lead us? Do we actually believe a President who speaks eloquently with half-truths can lead this country to where it needs to go? Hasn't he proved in just one month how ill-equipped he is to be the leader of a "free" country? Just how long will we be free?

Truth be told, this isn't an "economic recovery budget." It is a Lyndon Johnson plan. In the midst of "crisis," a controversial war and an economic slowdown, we're being told that we need a massive expansion of the federal government, higher taxes, more debt for our children, and defense cuts that are tantamount to unilateral disarmament.

If you read the entire article written by Oliver North, I believe you will come away with the same thoughts I did. We are in a heap of trouble with a President who reads his speeches eloquently from a teleprompter while not being well versed on the truth of history. History is being re-written the way the liberals want the American people to see it.

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Nickie said...

Very well written and this is my concerns too. I sometimes feel we are taking another lap around our desert because we have not learned our lessons, nor honored our Lord!