Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you, Sean Hannity

Today, I was listening to Sean Hannity's radio talk show. He had a caller that was trying to tell him he needed to change his 'tone' if he wanted to be effective. I had missed the first part of the guy's call, but knew immediately he was a liberal when I heard that. Learned later too, that he had a PhD.

Hannity spent a long time trying to get the man to give him specifics where he had been wrong. He never gave a reason, just made wide generalities. Hannity told him he could not believe that a man with a PhD couldn't give him at least 3 specific cases since he was making the charge.

The caller went on to say that we needed to be tolerant of the President and let him make his mistakes. I thought, man, you are out of touch! To me, there is nothing wrong with the truth, something lots of people don't want to hear. If we continue to tolerate all the government hands out without making a sound, then we deserve what we get! But I'm one for opening our mouths, and letting them know that we don't appreciate the way things are being handled, the out-of-touch Congress that thinks we private citizens are stupid and should keep our mouths shut - that they know what is best for us.

I am so glad we have people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, and others who take time to listen, seek out the truth, and then let the public know the real truth. The majority of the media has been lax in saying anything contrary to what the President says. But these men (and women) have the courage to go against the grain and report the truth. It's just that some cannot 'tolerate' the truth.

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Maxine said...

Hi Barbara. I too am thankful for the conservative voices as it does keep us informed. I can't say I'm disappointed or surprised by what has been happening in Washington, because it's exactly what I expected. There are times, however, that I think we conservatives need to "watch out tongue" and have a more sober tone. One conservative I know on Facebook was mocking after the election in Mass., saying that Ted Kennedy was not just turning over in his grave, but was "on spin cycle." I dislike that kind of tone and disrespect which makes me sometimes have to turn the off button when Rush is on. I have some difficulty with his tone.

I particularly like Bill Bennett and Dennis Prager, as they usually have a bit more class even though they are thoroughly conservative. Both often bring God into the picture and I like that. Often Sean does too.

We all need to be extremely prayerful in our attitude towards all this and honorable in our tone.

But I certainly don't agree with the caller if he is saying we should not voice our displeasure with an administration that is bringing our country down. We just need to be careful how we do that.

Cathy said...

Amen, Barb! I totally agree with you. We need to stand up for what we think is right, before all of our freedoms are gone.

Barbara said...

I was actually hoping that the President meant what he said when he was campaigning, especially about transparency, but he was true to form - didn't do anything he said he would.

I don't like to see people mocking others. I heard lots of people saying that, if Ted Kennedy knew what was going on, he would be turning over in his grave. I love Rush, but he and O'Reilly both get a little strong at times.

I completely forgot Bill Bennett. I love to hear him, too. Can't place Dennis Prager, but probably have heard him. And, like you, I love to hear them mention God when they are talking.

Barbara said...

You are right, Cathy. Our freedoms are slowly being eroded. We need to stand up and be counted, but do it respectfully.