Saturday, May 08, 2010

One Day at a Time

As we grow older, there comes a point where we can't do things we used to do. We just aren't '16 again' like I told my husband today. We want to do things, but we just aren't able to bend or maneuver or even hold out long enough to do them.

It is so easy for an older person to strain a muscle or pull something in their back when trying to pick up or throw things. We were putting out Decoration flowers at the cemetery today and my husband picked up a limb and threw it. Of course, he somehow threw it in away to hurt himself. I am not supposed to bend completely over, but, instead, stoop to do things near the ground. I caught myself bending over from the waist. I often do this without thinking. When I broke my hip 9 years ago, I was told not to bend from the waist, but habits are hard to break! So, when we do foolish things, we pay for them. We hurt.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I stay with my Mother during the day 5 days a work. My brothers take over on the weekends. But, today, my husband and I put out the flowers for Decoration which always falls on Mother's Day, the 2nd Sunday in May. I decided to go to my Mother's and give her the Mother's Day gift and card I had bought. My son and his wife is taking us out to eat after church. Then I will go back to the cemetery and take pictures for her. I had forgotten my camera today.

And, just talking about all this makes me tired. We just stay going all the time and never really have time to sit down and rest. I do what I feel like doing in my house and have learned how to not worry about it - that is, until someone is coming! Then we are busy beavers! But nobody is coming to my house this weekend. My daughter's daughter has to work tomorrow, so they aren't coming. They live over an hour away, and it would be late by the time they would get here.

Right now, I have clothes in the dryer and clothes in the washer. When they quit, I have more to put in. Seems we never get through. My husband spends every minute he can when he's not working cutting grass, weed eating and taking care of our cars. He was going to change the oil today, but we haven't been at home long enough for him to do that. So I guess, we will wait for another day.

How about you? Are you in a run all the time like us? Do you ever get rested before you have to start something new?

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Cathy said...

Thanks goodness I'm not, my friend. You know me. I'm sorry you have been so busy. Hope you are feeling well now. Hugs ~