Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Tree

Most of us want a beautiful Christmas tree for Christmas. And we are among those who love a pretty tree to decorate for Christmas. I love to see the lights burning and the children (now our grandchildren) gathering around the tree, waiting to open the presents that have accumulated there.

This year I have yet to get my tree up and decorated. But, believe me, it will be there before Christmas morning. I suppose this is the latest I have waited to put mine up.But I've had things that I had to do that have kept me from doing other things I really want to do. Hopefully, tomorrow night I will be able to get the tree up and decorated. I even bought a new one this year with limbs that just drop down from the trunk - no more of this having to place each one in the trunk. And this one is pre-lit and no more having to string up to 10 strings of lights! It really gets tiresome! So I thought I'd make it easier to put up and easier to take down. The decorations are no problem - just those lights got to me last year.

But the one Christmas tree that I found so nice was one that has been growing in a yard in Tuscaloosa, AL, since 1968 when the owner of the place first set the seeding out on his lawn. Now, 42 years later, the Christmas tree, which has grown to 50 feet, is once again lit for all to see. Oh, it came with a price since they had to hire a crew to put up all the lights. But it makes them feel good to know it is now lit after 42 years! Check this tree out in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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