Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unwanted Thoughts When Trying To Sleep

When one is sitting around, the mind seems to wonder. Doesn’t matter that you are reading, watching television, or playing on the Internet. As they say, the mind has a mind of it’s own.

Have you ever been in bed and things come up in your mind that you did not want to dwell upon? How hard was it for you to focus on something more suitable to your taste at night? Seems those thoughts you didn’t want to dwell upon seem to keep coming up, even as far as ‘seeing them in the mind’s eye’. This has cost me lots of sleepless nights!

I have often wondered how one could control the mind to keep thoughts from showing up that one didn’t want to have there. I know it happens more when you are very tired and the mind plays tricks on you. It knows it’s hard for you to fight off these thoughts when you are too tired.

I believe, if we were to go to bed thinking on God’s Word, then this would be in the forefront of our minds. These unwanted thoughts would be crowded out with the scriptures, giving you a reprieve from the longing to sleep – sleep would come naturally. I know, when my sleep gets interfered with, it is hard to keep those thoughts away. Sometimes I do manage to get the Word on the brain and try and concentrate. But, then, it takes me longer to go to sleep. I pray one day that my mind will be in line with the Word, that those unwanted thoughts will no longer be in the recesses of my mind to bother me any longer!!

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