Monday, August 25, 2008

Wireless Communication

"Prayer is the free wireless communication."

I just saw that on a church sign this morning. And, how true the statement is. Prayer has been available forever. There has never been a charge. Wireless communication does not come cheap. First, you have to pay for wireless hookup. And then you have to have different things to help you go wireless with your computers like a router. Your machines have to be wireless ready, too, or you have to buy a wireless card to put in your machine. My laptop happened to be ready for wireless, so there was no extra cost besides having the router to connect all our computers together. I did buy me a wireless mouse to use rather than using the touch pad on my laptop. So that was another expense. There are many types of wireless communication devices, but they all cost money.

Do you take advantage of that wireless communication between you and God as much as you should? Too many times we let other things get in the way of our communication with Him. Yet, we find lots of time to do other things in our life such as computing. I have to say I am guilty. I do read lots of prayer requests on forums I participate in or prayer requests that are in emails. Then I pray over them then. But that’s not really taking time out to have a heart to heart with the Father. He really would like us to give him our undivided attention every day, not just a few seconds to pray for someone else. He wants a private talk with us and we should ‘meet’ Him in prayer every day. The price is free and the rewards outstanding!

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commoncents said...

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Maxine said...

Amen. Thanks for the reminder!

Cathy said...

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