Saturday, August 30, 2008

DAILY KOS hit a new low!

Apparently, Daily Kos thinks anything goes when a person becomes a candidate for office, especially a woman. In this case, it's John McCain's choice for vice-president, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. Palin had a son born in April who has Down Syndrome. They knew this through tests before the baby was born. They refused to abort the child although the doctors advised them to do so. I applaud her for her convictions! Every child is precious in the sight of God and that of the parents.

But, then you have Daily Kos which makes the birth of this child their business. They are advocating that perhaps she didn't give birth to this child, but it's that of one of her teenage daughters. They are saying that she faked her pregnancy and didn't look pregnant in a 6 months photograph. Well, let me tell you something, Daily Kos! I was one of those women who didn't show much, either! With my second child, my husband's mother told him that he'd be bringing me back home because I wasn't more than 7 months. Well, I had my daughter 1 hour and 15 minutes after arriving at the hospital! I think this is going a little bit beyond respectable reporting! Accusing them of lying about this baby is a very low blow! And, it's not only damaging to the family, but to her daughters. It is accusing them of promiscuity.

I learned about their accusations when a friend sent me an article on Newsbusters.

These are just a few of the over-the-top posts on DailyKos concerning the lies that Palin faked her pregnancy. This is the sort of garbage we see everyday from the haters and rumormongers on extremist leftist sites like Kos and the Democratic Underground, even Huffington Post, for that matter.

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