Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hyprocisy in the media

There are so many of the people out here in the public that are fed up with the way that Governor Sarah Palin has been treated since being chosen by McCain for his vice-president running mate. They have jumped on her hot and heavy first with the statement (NOT the truth) that her 17 year old daughter was the real mother of the new baby that was born with Down Syndrome. They have also made statements that she should have made a different choice when she found out through tests that this baby boy had Down Syndrome. In other words, she is pro-life and that offended some that she didn't get an abortion. It is sad how easily some can throw away the life of another human being. I questioned one other day and asked him how he would have felt had his own Mom wanted to abort him. He thought it would have been no big deal. Things happen. :(

Then, to combat that accusation, she opened up her family's life more by telling the world (which had no business knowing) that her 17 year old daughter, Bristol, was 5 months pregnant. She went on to say that her daughter had made the choice to keep the baby and marry the young man she has been dating. But this young girl has been raked over the coals,too, and she doesn't deserve what she is getting. I applaud this young woman for making the correct decision. She will never be sorry that she decided to carry this child to term and enjoy the baby for years to come. The other alternative that most would love to have seen her take was abortion. But they don't understand that this is a very close-knit family. They value every child that comes their way. They are pro-life and would never think of aborting a baby.

The Democratic party (Obama, to be exact) believes in late-term abortion. He has made the statement that he doesn't want his girls to have to be burdened with a baby until they are ready for one. In other words, I'll make sure my daughters have a chance to have an abortion if they happen to get pregnant and don't want the baby. That upsets me and many others that think children are a gift from God. Not one of them is here without a reason.

It appalls me that they will ask questions of a woman that they would never ask of a man. Would they ever ask Obama how he's going to run the country with 2 girls at home while his wife is working at her high-salaried job? She's not a stay-at-home Mom! And, did they question Joe Biden when he chose to go back to work and leave his two sons every day after his wife and child were killed? I don't think so. So why be hypocritical now in asking these questions of her? Also, it angers me that they are attacking her and her daughter when they found out that her 17 year old girl was pregnant. Just because this young girl made a mistake does in no way reflect on the parent's upbringing of their children. Many families have these problems in their family, but it doesn't mean they aren't good parents. I believe this is happening to Sarah and her family simply because she is pro-life and didn't entertain abortion.

I used to have a little hope for some of the reporters, but I'm losing respect for the majority of them this week! I applaud those reporters that have taken a stand for Sarah Palin and her family, though, especially Laura Ingraham! I saw her and Greta VanSustern last night. And she recognized how Greta felt because of what was reflected in her eyes. But you know what? John Coale, Greta's lawyer husband, who is a democrat, has gone over to the republican ticket and is now working for the McCain campaign. He thinks that McCain is the best bet for our country at this time. You can view the interview by Tammy Haddad on video.

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Maxine said...

Hello, Barbara. It's been quite a while since I've come to see you. Yes, indeed. This has been quite a week, hasn't it? Actually two weeks. The RNC surprised me. It turned out to be a blessing for me as I became more firmly convinced of what God wants me to do in Nov. (unless major surprises come up.) About Sarah P., I'm not at all surprised about the media. We probably haven't seen anything yet. But I do believe she did right to announce her daughter's pregnancy, because if she'd tried to hide it too long, that would have been a mistake, in my judgment. Because of her position now and because of the integrity issue, the country has a right to know, even if it is their personal family business. Those who are righteous will handle it well; those who are unrighteous won't. That's what we're seeing now.
Btw, I posted on abortion, if you want to come read it when you can.