Monday, September 08, 2008

Was your Mother pro-life?

To me, that is an easy question to answer. At least, my Mother gave birth to all three of the children with which she found herself carrying in the womb. I must have gotten my pro-life stance from her as I had two children. My daughter had four and my daughter-in-law has had two. Abortion was never in the equation. I find it ironic that these people advocating abortion had a mother who was pro-life, especially at the time of their birth. Do they not realize, had she been pro-abortion, that they would not have been here? But, she gave them the chance at life, the life they want to take away from those babies they carry in the womb, even right up to the time of birth.

It seems that women who want the ‘right to choose’ are going against Palin, not on the issues, but because she is pro-life and she ‘might’ try to press her beliefs on them. I don’t see the job of the Vice-President as going after women who don’t have her beliefs.

I heard a couple women talking today, one of them Kirsten Powers, on Fox News. They were saying that they didn’t like the way people were jumping on her as a woman, but then they turned around and said she didn’t speak for women. One said, ‘what did the feminists fight for, and here she wants to take it away?’ They don’t understand we all have the right to have our opinion and make our own choices.
That seems to have been lost in the mix of the discussion. I think they realize it would take everyone in Congress to over turn Roe vs. Wade, yet this is what they think the McCain/Palin campaign is going to do.

In fact, the right to choice is what Nancy Pelosi has said in her speeches. She, as a Catholic, went against the teaching of the church when she said that she didn’t think that the Catholic Church had an answer for when the right to life took place. She was called on this by an archbishop and told that the right to life started at the moment of conception. I had a Catholic friend back in the 60’s that always said they did not believe in abortion. So, apparently Pelosi hasn’t been paying close attention to her church teachings.

Pelosi, who has served as a Democratic representative from San Francisco for nearly 22 years, elicited strong protest from the Catholic clergy and laity when she said on Meet the Press that the church has been indecisive on when life begins. She also argued it doesn't matter what the correct answer is, because a woman's right to an abortion trumps an unborn baby's rights, regardless of when his life begins.

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Anonymous said...

[Pro "kill the babies" mother to her child]

"What? Me? Inconsistent? Oh, no. I aborted you. I just have to live with the consequences of the fact that you survived... "


Barbara said...

Great line! I asked a person other day (a guy, at that) who was for abortion what he would say to his Mother if he thought she had tried to abort him. He said it wouldn't matter to him what happened, whether he had been aborted or not. Just 'one of those things'. They don't blink an eye when they say it, either!