Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Bird's Life

The life of birds seem to be so carefree. But since I'm not a bird, I really have no idea what their life is like outside of what I see daily as I bird watch.

Sitting in my Mother's kitchen in front of her sliding glass door, we watch the birds almost daily. There are numerous species that show up including Carolina wrens, Red Cardinals, black capped Chickadees and Mourning Doves. Occasionally, we see Blue Jays, house wrens and others.

The birds we have really been fascinated with are the Red Cardinals. Day after day we sit in the same spot watching what seems to be a "couple". While she sits on the patio fluttering her wings, he will eat the seed we have thrown out. Occasionally, he will walk over to her and "feed her". Or, at least it looks that way to us. I said this morning that they could possibly be kissing. :)

Other things do happen in the bird's life, though. When a larger animal, such as a cat, comes around, they scatter fast! Just the other day, birds were feeding on the feeder hanging on a tree on the patio. A small cat though he'd be smart and sneak upon the birds. He got close enough to jump up, but the bird flew and all he managed to do was knock the bird feeder off the tree limb. And, then, the other day we were sitting in the den when I heard a noice. I went into Mother's kitchen to check out the noise. And there on her back porch was a male Red Cardinal. He had flown directly into her glass door. He was moving his mouth and it only lasted a few seconds and he was gone to 'bird heaven'. I've seen this happen here and at my own home and it's very sad. But I suppose their life comes to an end just like ours. But it seemed so premature.

Birds are also protective of their mates. While watching them, I've observed the Cardinqal many times run off other birds that got too close to 'his mate'.. In fact, he will run off other Cardinals.

Birds hang out wherever food is available, whether it's in the form of bird seed or other means of food. But they love the protection of the trees and bushes around. That way, they have some place to go quickly that hardly anything can get to them. But I've often wondered about them when it is storming or raining.

Birds were very important in Bible history, as well. When Noah was on the Ark, he sent out both the Raven and the Dove. At the end of his 40 days on the Ark, he sent out the Raven to check on the level of the water.He also sent out the Dove to see if it could find dry land. But it took another seven days before the Dove came back with the olive leaf in her mouth which let Noah know that the water was gone. (Genesis 8)

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Maxine said...

Hi Barb,

It's been a while. I'm a die hard bird lover. I feed them all year round, but only put a little out in the evenings in the summer. I love listening to them in the morning while having devotions. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it.

Barbara said...

Hi Maxine. I love birds and am an avid bird watcher. I have a program on my computer about them,and I put in information when I see something new. Mother is 92 and really enjoys sitting there and watching those birds, especially watching them feed one another. We've seen them fly down get food and go up on a limb and feed the female! It is exciting.

Talk..to..Grams said...

I love red birds too!! Hugs,Grams

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

We feed hummingbirds. It is interesting to watch them because they are quite territorial. Now, several smaller ones have banded together in order to defy the large one that was trying to chase them away from our feeder and hog it for himself. It was interesting to see that the smaller ones represent several different species, all working together for freedom. Sounds a little bit like humans, doesn't it? And a little bit like something some humans could learn from?

Cathy said...

That's a nice post about the birds, Barb. Poor little bird that flew into the window ~ God takes care of His birds though.