Saturday, August 01, 2009

Words to the Wise

For those of you who are worrying about what this proposed Health Care bill will do for you, the following is a must read and see:

Being a Senior, although I don't feel like one, I worry what this is going to do to our health care. The President keeps saying we can keep what we have. But what does that really mean, considering the elderly are mostly on Medicare. We have a second insurance with my husband's company from which he is retired that takes up the slack. But how long will that last, if the proposed government insurance plan is pushed on us in 1 to 5 years? One thing I heard was that, no matter what we have now, we will have to 'change' in 1 to 5 years. In other words, as the President said once, 'just words'?

We have seen so many things he promised for 'change' go amiss. In other words, his words were for pomp and circumstance. Those well-chosen words got him elected and now he is doing what he set out to do. And he has chosen those to fill positions that he feels most closely associate with his beliefs and the end result he is after. The end result of this plan is going to bankrupt America and kill off the elderly, the disabled and the young.

Those of us who are truly concerned with the outcome are being viewed as not really knowing the 'truth' about this bill. But, who really knows the truth, considering the 1,000 plus pages haven't even been read by Congress? What is the rush to get this bill passed? What are they hiding? I bet you there is plenty hidden in among those many pages that would 'gag a maggot'. In other words, there is much the President and those siding with him do not want us to know. But it is slowly seeping out. I pray more and more is revealed and the people, as a whole, rise up in protest. We are slowly being drained of our freedom even to live on this God-given earth!

There is a verse in scripture that warns us to be aware of things that will begin to happen in the end times. We will have trials and tribulation here on this earth and it is quickly coming to us, regardless of what the politicians say. But there is an end in sight for those who know the Lord personally.

  • Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
There is no need to worry yourself into a heart attack because of what the President is trying to do. We can pray against the harmful effects of this bill, trust the Lord to take care of us, and hang on. His Word says 'I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread'. (Psalm 37:25) So lets join together in prayer against this bill and believe the Word of God that says he will 'hasten my word to perform it'. There is strength in numbers and power in His Word!


Cathy said...

An excellent post, Barb ~ I am praying for our country and that God will intervene.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Cathy. The only hope we have is intervention I believe. Perhaps God will play on the hearts of our REPS/SENS and many of them will not vote, causing it to fail. Prayer does work, too!

Hubie Goode said...

Nice post Barbara, you may want to check out, for some info.

For the health issues you talk about I also recommend, and see if you can find their TV show in your area.