Saturday, February 20, 2010

Looking ahead

Most people on the Internet use MySpace, Facebook, or a number of other online sites to keep in contact with friends. We share our lives online!

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if one or all of these sites shut down? Would you continue to converse with these friends, either in email or over the phone? How many of them would you quickly lose contact with?

This morning, I opened my computer and tried getting into Facebook. Only Facebook says my account is unavailable for maintenance and will not be available for probably a few hours. What did we do before Facebook, MySpace, or the other sites? We have gotten so hung up on these means of staying in touch or playing games that it is really upsetting when we lose the ability to get into these sites.

But, have you ever imagined that the Internet altogether had shut down and you weren't able to do anything online? What would you do? Can you remember what held your interest when you did not even have Internet access? We've had Internet since it became the way to communicate. Of course, there was no Facebook or MySpace back then. We communicated with people on forums, not necessarily our friends, but acquaintances we came to know through the computer. Even today, I still communicate with some of those people from way back then. But, also today, I have friends I've met through other means on the Internet, and I've met a few of those. But, better still, I can keep in touch with some through their web sites or blogs and through email.

Another thing I think about is the emails we write versus snail mail. I used to be an avid writer, keeping in touch with lots of people through regular mail. It has been so long since I actually wrote a letter and sent it through the email. The closest that I come to doing that is through Christmas or birthday cards! No doubt my penmanship has suffered! But surely my fingers have gotten stronger by exercising them daily on this laptop!

There has been talk of a charge to use the Internet. Would you be online if they start charging for using the Internet? With the economy like it is and my being a senior citizen, I suppose I'd have to decline. I sure would miss the Internet and the many things I have gotten used to here, but if it meant the difference in eating or playing, I'd have to take eating. My body needs more energy than my mind! I suppose then I could start to remembering the 'good ole' times'! What about you?

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Cathy said...

Thanks for those thoughts, Barb. I saw on Twitter where FB is having problems today. There are many things I need to cut out to save money. But I surely would miss your friendship and that of others.

Barbara said...

Cathy, no need to worry. As long as I have the extra money, I'll have Internet! Would really miss all my friends I've made since I first got on in 1991.