Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thinking of buying a Kindle?

I once made the statement that I wouldn't buy a Kindle because I love the fill of a real book in my hand. After much consideration and talking to a few friends who have them, I changed my mind! One friend reads many books a week and she says it has really saved them money. With that I can now agree. The other friend highly recommended the Kindle. She said she even sat in church and downloaded the Bible in just a minute or so!

I first downloaded Kindle for the PC to find out if I would really like the Kindle. Almost got addicted to that. But I wanted something I could take with me without much fuss. The laptop is a little large to take only to read books.

Yesterday, I received my Kindle. I was gone to my grandson's soccer game, so I was about 11:30 PM getting home. Well, that did not deter me from checking the Kindle out. I knew it had to be charged for about 3 hours. It came with a USB cord and an adapter to hook it up to the power to charge the battery. So I quickly hooked my Kindle up to my laptop USB port.

I did lots of research on what I could and could not do with the Kindle. I found out I could 'eject the Kindle' from the computer and download books or search on the Web while it was charging. My husband explained that 'ejecting' meant going to my Windows Explorer, locating the drive my Kindle was on, and then deleting it, which I did. SO, on the search I went. Before long, I was reading a book I had previously downloaded to my Kindle for the PC. And, the great thing is, you never lose your place no matter what you are reading on! There are APPS for many devices, including the iPhone, etc.

To protect the Kindle, I knew I needed some sort of a cover. I checked them all out. And, on the advice from a friend, I decided to buy the lighted leather cover. The Kindle snaps right into the cover. Now, it was hard to get on and I was afraid I would break one of the snaps on the cover or harm the Kindle. So, I thought about YouTube! Sure enough, there is a great DEMO that will show you how to attach the Kindle to your cover without harming either. It was a life-saver for me! Very easy to do and easy to get the Kindle out of the cover, also.

The light is in the upper right hand corner of the cover, and is easily pulled out to use, if you need it. Most of the time, I will not be using it since I read in good light and not much in the bed or dark rooms. But it is definitely a good asset to have if you ever need the extra light.

I haven't had the Kindle long enough to say it won't give any problems. But I went on the advice of a close friend who received hers for Christmas from her husband. And she loves it and said it has never given her a minute's trouble.

I am sure I have forgotten many things you would love to know about. But the Kindle is easily researched in Google or even on Amazon. So hope you have fun researching and hopefully, you will find you can't do without one, either.

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MarilynBr said...

Hi Barb. Marilyn Brenden here. I think for those of us whose vision is demanding more light when reading that a kindle would be helpful.

Here is what is keeping me from getting one so far. Most of the books I buy are for my ongoing area of research.

As fast as technology changes, I'm afraid the kindle format is going to go out of use in a few years and I will be stuck with all of these books I've purchased for research that I won't be able to access anymore.

In your research before buying, did you run across any questions like that?

Barbara said...

I don't think that the Kindle format will disappear. The books downloaded can be read on different ones, sometimes the format can be changed. It's kind of like a small computer.

The iPad is similar, just larger, heavier, but with more choices on what you can do. I haven't done everything you can do with mine yet - like read/send email (the keyboard seems to be a little small for my fingers).

If you buy the books and they are on your Kindle, you'll be able to read them. When you buy something through Amazon, they keep it on file and you'll always be able to re-download.

I d/loaded Kindle for the PC before buying the Kindle. You can d/load books to your own computer and read just like you would on your Kindle. And Amazon keeps it all on file in case you delete, have to remove something - and you can d/load them again anytime.

I was mostly researching for reasons to buy the Kindle. Don't remember anyone questioning if it would be around in years. The difference in the price of the Kindle and the iPad helped me make up my mind, too. :)

Maxine said...

Enjoy it, Barbara. My daughter just got one for Christmas and loves it. She's an avid reader. It wouldn't do for me since I don't read that many books. Thanks for sharing your research.

Barbara said...

I love it, Maxine. I read lots, but it had been books before. Now, I just d/load them to the Kindle and read. I think I've already read 2 or 3 books since buying the Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying reading yours. So how's the kindle going - I love mine.