Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday


Today has been a great day. First, we are ALIVE. God gave us one more day in which to praise and worship HIM.

I got up very early, put on a roast, potatoes, and carrots for lunch. None of the family came today, so it was only my husband and me. But it was good!

I went to Church early this morning in order for us to get the singing ready. Four of us ladies led the singing and it was wonderful! One young man, a grandson of one of the ladies, sang "Amazing Grace-My Changes Are Gone" a cappella. It was so anointed hardly a dry eye in the building. I know there wasn't on stage. Afterwards, he came over and hugged our necks. He was so nervous, but you could tell that he felt what he was singing! It is such a joy to see a young man sing for the Lord.

Today is Decoration Day at the Cemetery where my husband's people are buried, along with my youngest sister-in-law who died last August. My husband went with his sister to put flowers on all the graves. And we are going up there in a little while to walk over the graveyard and see all the beautiful flowers people have put out for their loved ones.

This has been a very good day. We've had gorgeous weather although it looked like rain this morning when I went to church. But even the little kids had a ball having an Easter egg hunt after church. And we had so many birds on the yard - the kind that bury their eggs in the ground. I felt bad for one little bird that kept walking around chirping at the top of it's lungs - around and around - as though someone had taken it's eggs. But perhaps it was only trying to ward off the predators - the kids and adults walking around.

Thank the Lord for another wonderful Resurrection Sunday. May His blessings be with you this year.