Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Love of God

Most of us do no stop to think that God is in our every day lives. We don't seem to 'see' him at work or even that, in the least things, God can be found. I've come to realize we've missed special moments with God in not keeping our minds tuned on him.

Last night, we attended a music get-together. A Christian band was the one to close out the show for the night. They sang some great songs and were very good! But what caught my heart was the fact that one of the singers went down to get three little children, two boys and a girl. One of the boys was a child with down's syndrome. I assumed the head of the band was the boy's father since he told the story about getting him ready for bed and his son talking about 'his love'. It pertained to a song they had been learning and this little boy picked up on the love of God.

The thing that struck me and brought tears to my eyes was the love that was shown to this little boy by the girl (lead singer) who had brought him on stage. She would kneel beside him, prompting him to sing what he could. She would touch him sweetly to get him to sing. She never seemed to tire of giving him and the other two children her attention, constantly on her knees are singing at their ears. You could just see the love of God in her!

Matthew 22:39 tells us to 'Thy shalt love thy neighbor as thyself'. And I have never seen a sweeter demonstration of love than this girl showed that little boy.

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