Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pet Peeves - How about you?

There are some things I wish could be changed or people would change. There are so many things that bother me at times. I don't sit and grieve over them, but they are aggravating at the time they come about.

  1. THIN tissue paper in public bathrooms.
  2. The lack off seat covers in public bathrooms where they have the holders for them.
  3. People hurrying to get in front of you on the highway only to turn right. Why not wait?
  4. When having a conversation with someone, someone else comes up, starts a conversation and the person you are talking to tunes you out!
  5. The new faucets in some public bathrooms that sense hands - and sometimes the water doesn't work!
  6. Jeans where the waist hangs almost to the knees! Don't like seeing the behind!
  7. And to cover up those LOW jeans, a shirt that would fit 4 people - sick!
  8. Trash thrown out on the highways.
  9. Potholes in streets that never get fixed.
  10. A rude salesperson or waiter/waitress.
  11. Someone calling my phone and never says a word. If you get the wrong number, apologize and hang up.
  12. Someone arguing over the Bible.
  13. A know-it-all attitude
  14. Wrinkle-free clothes that aren't really wrinkle-free.
  15. A technician that knows nothing about his job.
  16. A slow Internet connection when you are paying for a fast one!
  17. People who don't keep their word
  18. Hearsay being repeated as the truth
  19. Someone lying to you when they know you know the truth
  20. Advertisements to draw you in to buy and the product doesn't work like they say
  21. Too high gas prices!
  22. The government taking over in our personal lives
  23. Freedoms being taken away that are rightfully ours!
I could list from now to night fall and never finish! There are so many things in this world that need to be changed. Our government is out of control. They aren't responsible with the finances. They are spend-thrifts, spending on things that aren't worth a 'hill of beans' to the average American, when they could be putting those millions of dollars toward the national debt.

If most of the government workers in Washington, DC had to live the way most average Americans do, I believe we would see a drastic change in their attitudes and their working habits. The average Joe/Mary can't make it on a few weeks of work and then a 4 week holiday! It's work until you drop 5 or 6 days a week all year and some never getting a day off or a vacation.

Another thing that really bothers me is the government's ability to give themselves pay raises whenever they want. They spend our money like it's theirs while they give themselves pay raises to cover cost of living and the rest of the country does without cost of living raises! Even Social Security was not given a cost of living this past year and from what we've heard, we still will not get one for a couple more years. But the Government and the President and family go on their merry way doing whatever please them while most of the rest of America suffers! The President tells us what to buy and eat while he continues to spend money like it grew on trees and not coming out of the tax payer's pocket!

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