Saturday, October 13, 2007

Guilty until proven innocent

Take the Lacrosse players, for instance. Nifong declared publicly that these guys were guilty from the very first. He did everything in his power to make them guilty – even withholding valuable information that would have proved from the very start that they could not have been guilty. Yet, he kept to his word; he would prosecute and prosecute he did.

So many people deem others guilty only because they may be associating with others who are guilty of things that could be proven against them. But, to say others are guilty when there is no real evidence is wrong. This is called ‘guilt by association’.

What do you think of when you see a beggar on the street? Sure, the first thing that pops up in your mind is ‘he looks well, so he could have a job if he got out and tried to find one’. How do we know he is well? How do we know he has the ability to hold down a job? Guilty?

Can you imagine how Jesus felt when they cried ‘crucify him’? He knew this was what he had to go through in order for God’s plan for salvation to be met. But, He was innocent of any wrongdoing – just guilty of compassion for man. But, this didn’t stop those who called him guilty. Even Pilate knew he had done no wrong; yet, he delivered him into their hands to crucify him.

The Lacrosse players are among the elite. There is no better person to be in the company of than that of Christ Jesus!

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