Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sundays at Tiffany's - Book Review

Sundays at Tiffany’s – Book Review
Authors: James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing – New York – Boston
ISBN 978-0-446-19944-5

As I read this book, I was unsure what was going to happen between the little girl and her imaginary friend. At times, I felt as though he was definitely real!

When Jane was just a child, Michael, her imaginary friend, would walk her to school every morning. And he would always take her to the St. Regis for their dessert and then head to Tiffany’s. But, when Jane turned nine, he told her this was the time he left every child with whom he played their imaginary friend. It upset Jane. All her young life, she missed Michael. But, she got busy in life, working for her Mother. She also wrote a play called “Thank Heaven” which was all about her life with her imaginary friend.

During this time, she began to get glimpses of a man who looked like Michael. He seemed to be everywhere she was. She just couldn’t shake the feeling he was following her. So one day, she got up the nerve to go over to him and ask him if he was indeed Michael. Michael knew that this wasn’t supposed to happen. Children just didn’t remember their childhood imaginary friends. But, Jane did, and he didn’t know why.

Michael and Jane began to see one another after work or before her work. Michael, being an imaginary friend (or perhaps an angel) never worked. He was always there for Jane and found himself getting more involved than he could ever imagine. This thrilled Jane because she had fallen in love, but she often wondered if Michael would leave her like he did that day when she was nine years old.

What happens next is absolutely a miracle. But I will not ruin the story by telling you the ending. It is definitely worth your time to read this great story!

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