Sunday, March 01, 2009

They'll be regulating God next!

A ruling by the EPA in Iowa says 'farm dust open to regulation'. Please tell me how a farmer can delegate where the dust from his machinery goes! This is one of the most ridiculous that the government has ever come up with! The farmer has no way of keeping the wind from blowing the dust his machinery causes from going over to his neighbor's ground. This is like saying he can regulate the wind, in other words, regulate what God has set on earth!

But farmers insist the regulation will affect their operations and eventually their bottom lines. And they said unlike fixing a bus, they have few options for limiting dust from their fields and roads.

Roger Zylstra, a director with the Iowa Corngrowers Association, said if left alone, farmers can compete worldwide. But regulation could impede their success.

He said there seems to be a disconnect between farmers and policymakers.

"Many of the people that are making the rules, it feels like they really don't know what (farming) issues are," said Zylstra, a Lynnville resident who has worked on a farm for 35 years.

The government says its goal is to protect the public and they are calling it health-based. I'm calling it absurd! It will eventually put the farmers out of business in the US!

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