Thursday, May 08, 2008

Country legend Eddy Arnold dies

Photo from CMT

Eddy Arnold was one of my favorite country singers. And, he left this world today at the age of 89, just days short of his May 15th birthday.

His song, Make the World Go Away, was one of my favorites of all his songs. I don't know of a song he recorded that we didn't like, though.

I had the opportunity to see Eddy Arnold at the Birmingham Auditorium back in the late 70's. He was on the ticket with Floyd Cramer, and Boots Randolph (Yakety Sax). Floyd Cramer passed away in 1997 at the young age of 64. Boots Randolph passed away in 2007 at the age of 80.

The night of the concert, everyone was excited. They were flashing their cameras all over the auditorium, and some right in front of the stage. I think it sort of got to Eddy Arnold, and he stopped singing and asked everyone with a camera who wanted a picture to come up front and he'd let them take one picture. Then, he didn't want to see the flash anymore. Lots of people went up front, and to the surprise of all of us, he told them to get ready, and then turned his back to them. I'm sure it upset lots of fans. I vowed never to go see him again, but it didn't stop me from loving to hear him sing.

He lived in Brentwood, TN, right next to Nashville. We lived there for 5 years in the 1990's, knew where he lived, but never saw him out. He will be missed!

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