Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It is raining again

It has rained almost continually since yesterday morning. We had a few hours yesterday afternoon that was clear. But, the rain woke me up again this morning.

I’m not complaining because we have needed the rain. But so many times we do complain because of not enough rain or too much rain. Seems our ground is so dry nothing, including the grass, will grow. The grass will parch without water and, with prices as they are and big yards, we can’t afford to water the whole yard. And, if we have too much rain, then we have flooded yards to contend with and everything is soggy. Can we even be satisfied? Is there ever a happy medium?

I think back to the time of Noah when God told him to build an ark. (Gen 6:14) Descendants of Seth and Cain had began to intermarry and this caused a generation of people who were known for their ungodliness. So God entered into a covenant with Noah and told Noah to build an ark to save his people and He was going to destroy the earth by a flood. (Gen 6:17) It took 120 years to build the ark. Noah constantly talked against the ungodliness of the people. I am sure they thought he was a nut, constantly harping on what was going to happen if they didn’t shape up and follow God. But, they didn’t believe him and were destroyed when the waters covered the earth. The ark floated in the waters for one hundred and fifty days until it came to rest on the mountain where God had intended that they land. But Noah and his family had to wait for God to give them permission to come out. So they stayed in the ark for a whole year.

The covenant between Noah and God was the first covenant made between God and man. He granted Noah permission of the earth under this new charter. He had to erect an altar and give thanks and praises to God. God said he would never again destroy the earth by water.

So when I see the rain, it brings back thoughts of the flood. But it also reminds me that God is in charge and we can believe His promises. He will let it rain on the just and unjust (Matthew 5:45), but He will never destroy us with a flood.

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2 Comments: said...

I love your new look!! You have really made it look nice!! I think it looks peaceful.

You had a good post,too!

My grandson and his wife had their new baby boy yesterday on my daughter Carrie's birthday!! This was so neat! They have a daughter who will be 3 in August and a son who will be 1 in June! They will have their hands full for sure!!

He was laid off his job, so I would appreciate prayer for him to find a new job Soon!!!! Thanks! Love and hugs Grams

Barbara said...

Thanks, Grams. I love it too, but just can't figure out why it takes the white so long to appear! Frustrating.

Congratulations on the new ggrandbaby! And, I know they have their hands full with a 3, 1 and 0 year old! But, they are young and will make it. Will be praying for him to find a good job.