Saturday, July 26, 2008

Absent in mind, present in body

I have actually been around this past week and came close to posting several times. But I just never could make my mind completely up as to what I should post about. I have read so many things and heard so much on the news that you would think something would stir this brain of mine and make me want to post.

This is mostly a Christian site, but I haven't posted any Christian posts lately except the one about Dr. Dobson. I keep thinking I will post one for the persecuted church but, as of yet, nothing has really caught my eye.

The one thing that really stays on my mind is the state of our country and the upcoming presidential election. It bothers me that we have a person who is not well known but who is now high in the polls. It doesn't bother people that he only wants change, that any change will do as long as it's different than what President Bush has done. It doesn't bother people that our taxes under this guy will be sky high, that more and more of our pay check will be going to the government to do with whatever they please, whether it's to dig them out of a hole or give to the illegals. Oh, and the illegals probably love this guy because he's going to make it legal for them to have a driving license. There are so many things that bother me about Obama!

The media seems to woo him and are trying to make him look like the preferred candidate for the president. But, they hardly know that McCain is out there running, too. I think they should give both candidates equal time and the same hard questions. But I don't think you will hear the media changing their tune or their outlook before the election.

The media is so into Obama and his campaign that I heard today that NBC was calling his trip to Iraq a 'tour of duty'. What?

In a letter to the New York Post, Richard Bucco of New Jersey had the following to say:

The editorial "Barrack's Iraq Trip" (July 19) can be very telling for this rookie's aspirations.

These Arab leaders want Sen. Barack Obama to be our next president, for he is a plum that these leaders can juice up and then stab in the back.

As long as our drive-by media give Obama airtime and praise, we're falling right into the hands of our enemies.

I hope that our generals in Iraq give Obama the works so that he understands that he is not yet president.

Neither the media or Obama understand that he hasn't yet made it to the finish line.

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Mimi said...

thanks for this post...we need to remember our country in our Daily Prayers...and pray for God's guidance as we vote for our next president...