Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The real Sarah Palin

The first time I had ever heard of Governor Sarah Palin was back in April of this year. She had just given birth to her new baby,Trig, and they told the story of him having been born with Downs Syndrome. That fact stuck in my mind and I was reminded of it when Senator McCain tapped her for his vice-president running mate.

When I saw Senator McCain introduce her to the public, I was again struck at her ability to reach the heart of America. I said she was electrifying and I thought, 'now, she is one of us'. She seemed to speak on a level where everyone listening could understand. Some took that to mean, and even voiced their opinion, that she was not too bright, hadn't gone to the 'right' schools. In other words, she wasn't a graduate of an elite school, and although she was the Governor of our largest state, she wasn't prepared for the vice-presidency. They used the fact that she would be next in line for the Presidency. Some forgot the fact that Obama wasn't even ready to be the next President; yet, there he is, having been on the campaign trail longer than he had been in the Senate! There seemed to be a double standard for the candidates.

Sarah Palin has really electrified the people coming out to her rallies. She has drawn thousands in every rally by herself. People realize the change she brought to Alaska and they want that kind of change in the entire United States. They want someone who will stand up for them and take on their case, not someone who will adhere to their own opinions to what this country needs.

Gov. Palin is a person who has the ability to mix family with work and do justice to each of them. You can tell by looking at the faces of her children and listen to her husband talk. They are a normal family and just happen to have a wife and mother who is gifted. I see no reason to disqualify her simply because she has five children. Some want to send women back home to keep them barefoot and pregnant 'where they belong'. I happen to be a woman who thinks there are women suited to being homemakers and there are others who are more suited for both. They have the ability to have the right mix of family and work. And Sarah Palin seems to be one of those woman. Plus, she has an understanding husband who enjoys seeing her succeed. He is also comfortable in being a house daddy and takes care of the children when he has to and doesn't seem to mind it in the least. And she also has a very supportive family living there near her home, able to help in a short notice.

When I heard her speak at the convention, I had this feeling that she was just the person for 'such a time as this'. As the weeks went on, I heard others talk about how she electrified the people she spoke to and they spoke of her also being the person for 'such a time as this'. She seems to have not noticed that others have downed her so and just keeps right on the campaign trail, speaking to those who follow her rallies. She is drawing in more to her rallies than most of the others. Her appeal is on the level with the working people, with the Moms who identify with her, with the average person who will vote in this election. She keeps a smile on her face regardless of what she faces, even with the hard questions put to her by the bias media. She hasn't stopped when she was told she needed to go back home and raise her children. Even some conservative talkers such as Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker, among a few, have not stopped her from going on her merry way, and doing her job in this campaign. It hasn't stopped those who first fell in love with her from listening to her speeches or even praying for her.

Some just do not get it! Sarah Palin is REAL! She is one of us - a woman who really cares for her country and will not let anyone stop her from doing the best she can to bring the right change to our country. The change that she and McCain want to bring back to America is to have the people of this great country again being able to run their lives, not the federal government! I pray that they get the chance to show America that they are truly 'for the Country' and have the best interest of the people in mind.

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Cathy said...

A great positive post about Gov Palin, Barb. Thank you ~
I have a couple of little awards for you at my blog.

Maxine said...

Nice post for Sarah. I feel I too am still getting to know her and I'm hopeful that the Lord will give her this opportunity to serve our country.

Barbara said...

Cathy and Maxine,

Sarah Palin would make us a wonderful VP, if she has the chance. But there are so many that are against her because they are uncomfortable with her. They have gone after her for such silly reasons and never give a thought to how experienced she is as a Governor of the largest state in the US. I do pray that GOD gives her a chance to show us what she can do for our country.