Sunday, November 02, 2008

We have a duty


And that duty is to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 4th! If we don't vote, then we don't have the right to complain about who is elected President. So get out and do your civic duty and vote. But please do the research and know what you are voting for when you cast your ballot. There are so many things at stake here like freedom of speech. If the 'Fair Doctrine' is implemented once again, then the Conservative talk show hosts will be off the air and you will not be listening to the 'other side' of the story. Also, taxes are going up regardless of what is being said on one side of the aisle. So be sure you know the true facts before casting that important vote.

Help keep AMERICA FREE!!

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Maxine said...

Will do!

Barbara said...

Maxine, I sure would love to vote early in the morning. But I'll have to wait until my husband gets in. Never know when that will be. Today it was around 5:30. Hopefully, he will get off early tomorrow afternoon so we won't have to be in line with all the people coming from work late. We got into that during the primary voting.