Monday, June 23, 2008

Attacks on religious symbols

The problem will never end until every last religious symbol is removed from properties that aren't privately owned. And, who is to say that those will not be attacked some day.

I first read an article in World Net Daily about this couple in Florida who ran an apartment complex and did the maintenance there. When a supervisor came to inspect the apartment complex, she found a stained glass depiction of flowers with a scripture "Consider the lilies" from Matt. 6:28. She told the woman that it would have to go. The woman told her that she needed to go get her husband first. While she was gone, the supervisor took it down and went into their apartment without permission and left the picture there. When the woman came back, the supervisor fired them on the spot and evicted them from their apartment for being "too religious". Indeed, too religious!

The Dixon's story moved to court today, as Liberty Counsel filed a suit in the Jacksonville federal court on the couple's behalf, claiming the Dixons were discriminated against on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Now there is an atheist that moved into the town of Frankenmuth, Michigan four years ago that just lately realized there were crosses on a bridge. He protested and they took them off. He thought that was so easy, then he proceeded to try and get the cross removed from the town seal. Well, that has proved not to be so successful as of yet. He had been met with lots of town outcry.
Supporters of the Frankenmuth crosses said the history of the town is synonymous with the history of the local Lutheran church, which were both founded by the same settlers.

Besides the Luther rose, which contains a cross, the city seal contains symbols for the U.S. and Bavaria and a wheat sheaf to show the community's agrarian roots.

"I don't think the cross compels anyone to be a Christian any more than the sheath of wheat compels someone to be a farmer," said Joe Kraft, 81, a retired computer analyst who has lived in Frankenmuth his entire life.

The city park, at the southern entrance to town, contains a 70-foot cross and a restored log house modeled after one of the original homes.

This is a little German town that was built by the Lutherans. And in comes some people who aren't happy with the way the town is operating. So they proceed to try and get it changed. I've often wondered why these kinds of people can't just let the towns go on operating like they have and move to a place more suited to their wants and needs. Why stir up a hornets nest when there are no hornets?

And I have yet to figure out how one person can be so successful in a town where the majority of the population have the same set of standards/beliefs. It is astounding how our government will bow down to one person.

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