Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Turning back the clock

When one goes looking for a job, he/she wants to put forth their best “face”, wear the right clothes, say the correct things, and give the right impression. And, honesty goes a long way with a perspective employer. When one fills out his/her resume, they list all the jobs they have held before, the experience they have had with that type of work, and perhaps people who can give them a good recommendation.

Forward to Barack Obama who has only been a Senator for a few years and otherwise unknown to the general public. He is running for the highest office in the land and has a very short list of jobs, none of which give him the experience with running a country. He has never held the job of a governor of a state that would qualify him for the office of President. Yet, somehow he has managed to pull himself up to the nomination for President under the leadership of some prominent Democrats.

Thomas Sowell has written a very good post today in Townhall.com about Obama. He talks about the importance of a man’s character and his values when running for the highest office in the land today. He says the man’s track record of what he has done speaks volumes, regardless of how elegantly he talks.

For any politician, what matters is not his election year rhetoric, or an election year resignation from a church, but the track record of that politician in the years before the election.

Yet so many people are so fascinated by Barack Obama's rhetorical skills that they don't care about his voting record in the U.S. Senate, in the Illinois state senate, the causes that he has chosen to promote over the years, or the candidate's personal character and values, as revealed by his actions and associations.

He speaks eloquently and carries himself like a proud man. But, that isn’t what matters. What really concerns the people, or should, is the way he has conducted his life before running for president. There you find just how things will be after he assumes the office, if he is elected. The track record of Obama is not what the media paints him to be. More and more is coming out about the people he has surrounded himself with over the years. Not only did he align himself with Rev. Wright for 20 years and only distancing himself from him because of his running for office, but then there comes Father Pfleger.

Father Pfleger has turned out to be as bad as Rev. Wright is, if not worse. Yet, Obama has just now decided to distance himself after the clown act that Father Pfleger did about Hillary Clinton in Obama’s old church. Never mind what he has done for Father Pfleger over the years.

In addition to giving $20,000 of his own money to Jeremiah Wright, as a state senator Obama directed $225,000 of the Illinois taxpayers' money for programs run by Father Pfleger. In the U.S. Senate, Obama earmarked $100,000 in federal tax money for Father Pfleger's work. Giving someone more than 300 grand is not just some tenuous, coincidental association.

For some reason, the media has skipped over all the things that have gone on over the years with Obama. But, as I told my children, “never do anything you don’t want someone else to find out”. And, it seems all these things are turning up in Obama’s campaign year. Perhaps, to him, there was nothing wrong with the things he has done; yet, it looks bad on the resume for a future president. What he will do as president holds the future of 300 million Americans in his hands and all those unborn children of generations to come. So, it is very important that we know a candidate and what he has done to make a good choice when we vote in the upcoming election.

Some make light of the ‘guilt by association’. But when you align yourself with questionable people such as Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, and Bill Ayers, it is hard to get passed the fact that this is the way you have lived your life. It makes people wonder with whom you will align yourself during the years at the White House.

He has no concept of just how serious the terrorist problem is. He wants to sit down and have a talk with the Iranians. He thinks they are just a small country and present no threat to America. Well, it only took a small group to fly the planes into the World Trade Center. Look at what that did to America. These people are suicidal fanatics and will do anything to destroy America. You can’t appease those kinds of people with a talk.

I’ll leave you with what Sowell says in his last two paragraphs to think about:

Are we going to leave our children hostages to hate-filled sadists with nuclear weapons? Are we to rely on Barack Obama's rhetoric to protect them?

Senator Obama's foreign policy seems to be somewhere between Rodney King's "Can't we just get along?" and Alfred E. Neuman's "What, me worry?"

Remember, when you vote, there is no ‘turning back the clock’. The person who wins in November will be our president for the next four years. We will get what we vote for, nothing more, and nothing less.

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mcd said...

If you think that Obama "has no concept of just how serious the terrorist problem is," you have not done your reading. I suggest you listen to someone other than Bill O'Reilly and Fox news for a change. It is absurd to think Obama hopes to end terrorism by sitting down and "having a talk with the Iranians." This is a blatant and annoying misconception. He simply said that he would be willing to discuss issues with them---just like every president had done in American history. Didn't Reagan meet with the Russians? Isn't diplomacy an important part of resolving differences?

You should read this article: http://time-blog.com/middle_east/2008/05/obama_appeasement_or_engagemen.html

It is not appeasement to listen to the grievances your enemies have against you.

Barbara said...

You don't discuss issues with someone who has vowed to destroy Israel and would like to put an end to America. I don't think every President in history has sat down and talked over the 'issues' with the Iranians. And, Russia is a far cry from Iran.

As for the grievances Iran has against America - what are they, other than to want to destroy us?

By the way, I listen to others besides O'Reilly.

Maxine said...

I appreciate this sensible and well thought out post, Barbara. I am saddened that I have no candidate who I can look to with hope for the moral America which we once knew, which puts me in a hard place. But I have been extremely concerned about the associations that Mr. Obama has had over the years, particularly that he has been a member of Mr. Wright's church for that length of time. I don't think I'm asking too much to want a President who is a patriot and one who has had experience. As a Christian, I also don't think I'm asking too much to desire a President who values human life. I know you'll find sin in any presidency, but this is a bit much. I really don't know what God is doing with our country, but I'm going to just trust that He knows what He's doing. For me, it's not about being conservative per se, but about being righteous. As I said, I think we're in a hard place, but also believe it's because God has put us there.

Barbara said...

Maxine, you are not asking too much of a future President. We do need one who is patriotic and who has had experience. And, like you, I would like for him to value life. But Obama voted against banning term abortions. To me, any of them are wrong. Each child is given to us for a purpose, not to suck out of the womb if we don't want to be pregnant!

You are right to trust God on this one and ask Him for guidance in your decision. He is allowing what is happening to America because the way the people have treated Him. And II Chronicles 7:14 says "IF MY PEOPLE" .. not others, but His people, "will" do such and such, He will forgive our sin and heal our land. But people are too self-centered to turn back to GOD and believe what He has said!