Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A new bed

There comes a time in our lives when we feel like we need a new bed and a new mattress. With so many stores and so many beds, it is sometimes hard to quickly pick out the one that you want to have in your home perhaps the rest of your life.

Time4Sleep Beds has a great variety of beds from which to choose. They arrange from traditional to contemporary design. They have something for everyone including beds for children. Within the selection of children’s beds, you have space saving beds, high sleepers, beds with storage underneath, bunk beds, and car beds. It should be easy to find a bed suited for your child. And, with each single child’s bed, you get a free mattress.

I am particular in what kind of furniture I buy which includes my bedroom suite. I love an all-wooden bed that has a high mattress. I sleep better when my mattress is very firm. Time4Sleep has wooden beds from single to king sized. We have a queen bed that is oak wood with an extra firm foam mattress. We will probably be exchanging that bed for a king size which we used to have since we prefer a little more room than a queen bed provides for tall people. The bed I love the most in this collection is the Antibes Sleigh bed in dark wood. It is a beautiful classic design in ash wood.

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