Monday, January 19, 2009

Great books to read

Last year I reviewed a trilogy of books by author John Aubrey Anderson. Those books captivated me like none have since the Left Behind Series. But these were completely different kind of books. They were about family life in Mississippi when children were innocent and it didn't matter who your friends were. You accepted them as your friend whether others approved or not. Family life seemed to take back seat to the excitement these children had when they were together. The children grow into adults but their memories of their childhood stay with them. And some of the things that happened as they grew up became part of their lives.

The books are called The Black or White Chronicles. The story is set around a young white girl who is head strong and a young black boy whom his father tells to 'watch out for a man'. And he does his best to do that. The family is Christian but the young girl is not. But as the story unravels, the young boy loses his life. The lives of the children are altered the day death strikes that family and their lives are never the same. But the young girl find the Lord. And you will find the gospel throughout these wonderful books.

I believe you will enjoy reading these books. And I think you will be as drawn to reading them like I was. I could have read each book in one night, but I savored each moment, as though I was right there when it happened. I could picture every scene in my mind's eye! Below are the reviews of the three books.

  1. Abiding Darkness
  2. Wedgewood Grey
  3. And If I Die
The author already has the fourth one waiting to be published and is working on the fifth. I can't wait until they come out!

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