Sunday, January 27, 2008

Abiding Darkness - Book Review

Abiding Darkness
Black or White Chronicles Book One
Author: John Aubrey Anderson
Publisher: Warner Faith, NY
ISBN 0-446-57969-1

Abiding Darkness is a very captivating novel in which there is a pull between good and evil. Spiritual warfare seems to be the one key that keeps the people of the area alive.

The day that the young people were attacked in the lake off Cat Bridge would forever bind the people together. The two main families were very close, although it wasn't popular to be, considering they were black and white. And, that day at the lake was no different. The one thing that set it apart from all other days was the fact that the innocence of three children would forever be altered. One child was dead because he dared to mind his Daddy that had cautioned him to 'watch out for her…like a man’. Missy Parker was this young girl that trouble seemed to follow because she was so beautiful and had a mind of her own.

Lots of escapes were to happen in the life of Missy. She was not a Christian when the attack at Cat Bridge happened. But, later, she became an advocate of the Bible and God and vowed she would talk to others about the Lord. She mentored a young girl that brought a very unlikely man to his knees on that very same bridge.

Although this is a fiction novel, it is still strong in Christian beliefs. I strongly recommend this for reading. It will keep you captivated to the point you do not want to put it down for fear you may miss the next episode in the happenings at Cat Bridge!

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Mimi said...

sounds like a very good book to read... thanks for the book review...

Barbara said...

It took a few pages getting into it, and once I did, I hated to put it down. I started the 2nd one and took it to bed - read for 1 1/2 hours last night and only put it down because I could hardly see at 3:30 in the morning. :)